Dr. TERZA ALICE SILVA LIMA-NEVES is a Kriola, wife, mother, educator and advocate for women and girls. She was born and raised in Sao Vicente Island, Cabo Verde. As a teenager, Terza immigrated to Pawtucket, RI with her parents and two younger sisters. Dr. Lima-Neves is associate professor of political science and Chair of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Johnson C. Smith University. She holds B.A (Providence College) and M.A./Ph.D. degrees in political science (Clark Atlanta University). She teaches courses on African, comparative and international politics. Her research interests and published scholarship focus on Cabo Verdean gender studies, modern African diaspora politics as well as African women and development. She's particularly interested in Cabo Verdean women’s empowerment as well as the politics of gender and community building in the Cabo Verdean community in the United States. Terza is the founding president of the Cape Verdeans of the Carolinas Association, is active in local organizations that promote the empowerment of women and girls. She has also been invited to various institutions of higher education and organizations as a keynote lecturer on topics such as African diasporas and development as well as global education for girls. She lives in Charlotte with her husband, Luis and their children. For more on Terza's research and community advocacy work, connect with her via the following: website: terza.afryk.com; Twitter: @DrTLimaNeves; Instagram: @kriolamommyscholar.