Social Media Campaign

What legacy will we leave behind for future generations? What story will be told about us? It’s important for us to define ourselves for ourselves. When we don’t define who we are, we run the risk of the popular narrative about us to be one single story, often representative of partial truth. This campaign has the objective of rebranding the Cabo Verdean woman, to allow us to tell our own individual stories in our own individual voices. Directions: You may share the image on your social media wall (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) and then on top define yourself in one word, multiple words, or a phrase, tag your friends and use the hashtags that are in the picture.


Que legado é que vamos deixar para as gerações futuras? Que história será contada sobre nós? É importante definirmo-nos para nós mesmos. Quando não definirmos quem somos, corremos o risco de a narrativa popular sobre nós ser a única estória, muitas vezes representando uma verdade parcializada. Esta campanha tem por objetivo o “rebranding” da mulher caboverdiana, com vista a nos permitir contar as nossas próprias histórias individuais através das nossas próprias vozes.

Como lá chegar: Você pode compartilhar a imagem abaixo na sua página de rede social (ou seja, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) e, em cima defina-se  numa só palavra, várias palavras ou uma frase, marcar os seus amigos e usar as hashtags que estão na foto.




  1. Maria Lopes on August 22, 2019 at 10:36 pm

    Thank you. I love the social media component. Some of us may not be able to attend but we can still participate and spread awareness.

  2. melissa borges on September 30, 2019 at 10:12 am

    I am Melissa, I am 32 years old and I come from Luxembourg.First I congratulate you for your event “Poderoza”. It has been a year since I look at your publications and I intend to go to your conference in March 2020.
    I support the idea of sharing our own stories and talk about some taboo that exist in the Cape Verdean community. In 2021, would it be possible to share my story to the extent possible because I have to mentally prepare for it.
    Is there a list posted before, concerning the speakers present on March 07, 2020 ?

    Best regards,
    Melissa Borges

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