Panel I: Our Challenges, Our Opportunities: Moving Forward

Community advocates discuss specific challenges facing Cabo Verdeans and offer strategic actions towards solutions.


Panel II: Empowering Poderozas Through Research and Education

This panel focuses on the research/intellectual work done by Kriolas in academic spaces.


Concurrent Break Out Sessions

The breakout sessions offer conference attendees the space to delve into specific topics of their choice in a more intimate and relaxed environment where they may feel more comfortable in sharing and asking questions.


Session A: Healing Our Bodies

Topics: Physical health, nutrition, fitness, self-care, body positivity.


Session B: Healing Our Minds and Hearts

Topics: Mental health, self-esteem, self-awareness.


Session C: Love Yourself

Topic: A reflective hands-on program on harnessing personal power through self-love.


Session D: Healing Through Purpose

Topics: Self-empowerment, education, wellness.


Panel III: Cabo Verdean Men and Boys as Powerful Allies

All male panel focusing on the roles and responsibilities of men and boys as allies of Kriolas.