Dr. AMINAH FERNANDES PILGRIM is a Kriola who is also of Barbadian descent, a mother, educator, organizer, author and artist. A graduate of Duke University and Rutgers University, she is currently affiliated with UMass Boston, and the Pedro Pires Institute for Cape Verdean Studies at Bridgewater State University. Her areas of research include late 19th and 20th century African-American history, African-American women’s history, African Diaspora studies, Cabo Verdean studies, critical education research and critical hip hop studies. She is a community organizer/activist, working on matters related to children, youth/gang violence, the school to prison pipeline, immigrant transitions, women’s empowerment, and Cabo Verdean community concerns. She is an advocate of teaching using civic engagement and has empowered many students to make a difference in this field. She is the founder of the HIPHOP Initiative, MEMORIA Oral History Project, and the co-founder of SABURA Youth Program in Brockton, MA. For further information on her work and publications, see Connect with her on the following social media: FB: Aminah Pilgrim, FB: SABURA Camp Brockton, and Twitter and Instagram: @aminahnailah.